Factors to Consider When Acquiring Used Defibrillators

With millions of people being affected by sudden cardiac arrests annually, it is one of the biggest causes of death. During a cardiac arrest accessing a defibrillator could be one of the biggest lifesavers. Defibrillators are easy to use even for people who have no medical knowledge. They, however, come at a hefty fee and buying one may not be possible for most people. Used defibrillators have consequently become common as a money-saving option. Your priority should, however, be finding one that can always rely on and that is why you should consider the factors below.

You should consider the accessories it comes with. Make sure that you purchase a defibrillator that comes with all the accessories it needs to work appropriately. the accessories you must have include batteries, wires and carry bags. To get a fully functional defibrillator, you may have to pay more if you don’t have these. Some accessories are sold separately for an easy and convenient replacement if your machine gets used.

You must consider the ease of use. When buying defibrillators, most buyers tend to look at this as the main factor, and it is justified. Although most AEDs are comparable, they have minor differences which are evident in the ease of use. Because it has been designed for emergencies, you need one that can be used easily even when the person using it has panicked. Look at the front details and make sure they are valid. Apart from the position and color of the on and off shock buttons, look for one that has back-lit buttons to make it easy to use even in low light. pre-connected pads and diagram guides can be an excellent time-saving measure since you don’t have to waste time fixing the pads before use and the diagrams make it easy for you to understand how to use it.

Make your choice on whether you want a fully automated AED or a semi-automated one. However, before you chose one, make sure you know all the differences between the two. While automated AEDs can administer a blow to a patient automatically if one is needed, semi-automated AEDs can only deliver a shock if a button is pushed. Apart from the fact that automatic AEDs are more convenient to use, there is no other significant difference since they all function in the same way.

Also think about the people it is going to be used on. This is important as it will help you be age-considerate as you cannot use and adult AED in a school or a place where most of the people are children. Some AEDs are compatible with both children and adults, and a switch or key is used to change to pediatric mode.

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